Wafer Cookies & Nutritional Bars

Wafer Cookies & Nutritional Bars

Protein-Enriched • Vitamin-Fortified • Fully-Enrobed • Chocolate or Yogurt Drizzle • Various Topping Applications, Including Nuts and Caramel • Custom Layering, Including Multiple Wafer-Sheet Layers, and Multiple Cream Layers with Flavor Combinations • Capability to Produce a Wide Variety of Product Dimensions, Including Bite-Size

Packaging Types
Vertical Form, Fill and Seal Machine

High-Speed, Multi-Head, Weighing System • State-of-the-Art Weighing Technology for Increased Accuracy and Precision • Continuous Motion Bagger Capable of Producing a Wide Array of Bag Styles at High Speeds

Bag Styles

Pillow Bag • Gusseted Bag • Block-Bottom Bag • Full Corner Seal Bag • Doy-Style Bag with Optional Tape Enclosure

Horizontal Wrappers

Flow Wrappers Designed to Produce High-Quality Packaging While Maintaining Outstanding Versatility

Wrapper Styles

Individual and Multi-pack • Over-Wrapped Trays • Heat-Seal • Cold-Seal