About Us

The History

Co-Owned by Harold Rothman and Bill Ross, Bar Bakers, LLC, is the result of a vision to harmonize the spheres of retail and commercial baking.

The historical details of the relationship date back to the 1970’s, when the two entrepreneurs began producing decorative icings and inclusions for well-known companies such as Baskin Robbins.

With a skill set in artisanal baking and commercialization, Harold and Bill soon merged with the pioneers of the health-foods sector. They began innovating in the organic, protein-enriched, vitamin-fortified niche space, and correctly positioned themselves to assume capacity in a growing market.

The two facilities comprised over 300,000 square feet of industrial space, 21 production lines and employed over 1,000 workers. With a strong foothold in the private-label sector, and world-renown capabilities in producing nutritional bars, cereals, cookies, crackers, and dry mixes, among other prominent products, Bloomfield Bakers grew at an outstanding rate.

Culminating with a sale to Ralcorp Holdings in 2007, Rothman and Ross’ vision resulted in one of the largest private contract-manufacturing operations in the nation. The success of the venture was primarily fueled by a research and development program that was second-to-none, dedication to consumer satisfaction and quality assurance, a managerial and engineering department with over 200 years of combined experience in the industry, and an absolute customer experience that was unaparalled.

Six years later, equipped with state of the art technology and the same senior management team that led to the success of Bloomfield Bakers, Rothman and Ross are looking to continue to build upon their love for baking in their latest venture, Bar Bakers, LLC.